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What is RPA?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is also known as software robots or digital employees.It is software technology that simulates human digital actions. With the ingetration of AI technolgies such as NLP, OCR, lots of repetitive and rule based business processes can be automated efficiently and flawlessly.
  • Computer software program
  • Releasing human capital from repetitive and rule-based business processes
  • Digital employee that works across departments, systems, applications and platforms
RPA is
  • Talking and walking robot
  • A physical robot that only recognises voices and images
  • A physical robot that replaces humans to work
RPA is not
Introductory video

What pain points enterprises are facing in digital transformation?


The scarcity in capital, talents and data resources


The tools used do not align with development stage of the corporates


The mismatch of IT infrastructure with the digital demands of a growing enterprise

Why enterprises need digital transformation?

Shrinkage of Workforce

high turnover rate and shortage of talents in labor market obstruct corporates to provide stable and quality services.

Reduction of human errors

repetitive manual tasks cause human errors and incurs costly authentication and amendment.

Precise track records

Precise track records fulfill internal audit and regulatory requirements.

Elevates human capital

RPA elevates human capital from repetitive works to intelligent tasks.The work-life balance attained,the paperless operation and the reduction in energies used support enterprises to achieve ESG sustainability.

Product Matrix & Customer Values

RPA+X Product Matrix
Customer Values

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency

Human-machine collaboration reduces operating costs and improves business synergy.

Improving operational efficiency

Unblocking independent databases to fulfill data connections and efficient responses to business.

Driving digital transformation

RPA is the best entry for digital transformation with efficient and non-intrusive deployment.


General scenarios:

Solutions for Banking

The Kingsware banking digital employee solution scheme can create an RPA middle platform that empowers the whole banking organization and all departments of large enterprises, realizes the automation of existing business processes and the rapid response of future new businesses, and improves the operational efficiency of business departments; It assists the banking sector to achieve quality and efficiency improvement effectively, provides efficient and intelligent financial services for the masses, and creates a convenient and fast inclusive financial model for small and medium-sized enterprises, farmers and individual businesses.

Kingsware is their common choice


Three Years in a Row: Kingsware listed in KPMG 2022 FinTech 50
2023-01-19 15:52:49
Kingsware and Smartbi Jointly Create the United Solution of Integrated Collection and Display
2022-10-20 11:26:16
The Project of Kingsware RPA Won the Grand Prize of 2021 Technology Innovation Project by NIISA Alliance
2022-09-26 14:35:24


large organisations selected Kingsware's RPA for digital transformation


digital employees are deployed across various industries


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